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Big Chop vs Transitioning

The decision to go natural is just the beginning of your natural hair journey. Whether your hair is damaged from a relaxer, texturizer, heat, color or other chemical processes. Are you going to become natural instantly or in a few months? Both are excellent choices but the decision is yours. Here is the difference between the big chop and transitioning. This post is in

collaboration with Natural Hairducation. Read here post here: https://www.naturalhairducation.com/2020/04/what-you-didnt-know-about-going-natural.html

Big Chop

The Big Chop is cutting off all damaged or processed hair.

Perks of the Big Chop

  • One hair texture

  • Simple Hair care

  • Low maintenance

  • Gain experience with styling, moisturizing and caring for your hair

Disadvantages of the Big Chop

  • Limited hairstyles

  • Adjusting to short hair

  • Catering to your face shape

Hairstyle Options

  • Wash & Go

  • Braids ( with or without added hair)

  • Twist Out

  • Finger Coils

  • Hair Wrap


Transitioning is growing out your damaged hair until it reaches your desired length. Afterwards, the damaged or processed hair is cut off.

Perks of Transitioning

  • Practice

  • Longer hair

  • Various hairstyle options

Disadvantages of Transitioning

  • Two textures

  • More maintenance

  • Products will not respond the same on both textures

Hairstyle options

  • Braids (cornrows, mini braids, box braids)

  • Twist

  • Puffs ( High, low, side)

  • Faux hawk

  • Batu knot out

  • Flexi rod out

If you want more tips on transitioning, check out more tips here: https://tiffanyrosej1.wixsite.com/afroandkinks/post/10-ways-to-transition-successfully

Thank you so much reading! Hope it helps! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @afroandkinks . Enjoy your day!

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